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The Ball Grid Array used in the Core i5-8350U CPU of the Thinkpad T480 is factory-soldered, and I would not even try to remove it to upgrade the CPU for any one of three choices: 1) Unsoldering and resoldering BGA CPUS is very difficult without factory-level tools 2) The chipset, also permanently soldered onto the motherboard, limits your CPU choices. 3) ...


The GTX 970 looks like a good card. It gets 50% on UserBenchmark. My Radeon HD 6950 gets 18% and can play AAA titles at decent framerates, so 50% should be more than enough. On eBay, you can get a GTX 970 for around $160 if you do some searching/bidding.


The Benicia motherboard supports many processors. Per HP documentation it should support this list of CPU: The absolute best CPU available on this platform is the Q9650. As for speed gains, it gives a difference of about 50% faster at best. Q9650 vs Q6600 comparison Anything else than a Q**** series processor is a downgrade for you. Now: is it worth it? ...

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