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High-power wireless network adapter?

I'm looking for a high-power wireless network adapter like Alfa products but more powerful. The Alfa AWUS036H is said to be the most powerful one, though its TX power is a little less than Alfa's ...
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USB memory stick with automatic encryption

Is there any commercially available USB drive (memory stick) that will automatically encrypt any file(s) copied to the drive, without needing to install or execute special software on the connected ...
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Wristband or gloves with programmable buttons?

Preferably one that is wireless and connects via a small usb dongle. Think of a gaming mouse. It has programmable buttons - you can program macros. Say you're using a windows 10 or 8.1 tablet. And ...
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Convenient portable hardware for temporary physical access?

I work with industrial PCs built into large pieces of machinery. Most of our deployment process happens over the network, but the first steps need physical monitor/keyboard access to set some BIOS ...
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KVM with dual output for extended desktop

I'm having trouble finding a solution for setting up a switch for three laptops to two monitors. I'd need a KVM that matches the following criteria: 3 inputs for the laptops 2 outputs to two monitors ...
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What's good GPU upgrade based on my current hardware?

Hoping to get some opinions/recommendations based on my current hardware setup. I've done some research, but I would like to get some feedback on my specific hardware components, and whether anything ...
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Switch with WLAN?

I've looked quite a bit through my local electronics stores but nobody could help me there and I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I'm asking this here. I'm looking for a "router", supporting ...
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Controller card(s) for handling eight USB 2.0 devices at full speed

Connecting two USB2 devices to an external USB2/3 HUB, connected to one USB2/3 port would normally limit the average read-speed to 240 Mb/s, and continuing adding devices would limit the average speed ...
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Outdoor Webcam for low temperatures and fog

I want to install an outdoor surveillance camera. I looked into many models, but all have rather strange, i.e., non-outdoor, operating conditions they are specified for. Typically they have a ...
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Looking for recommendations for external RAID enclosures

I am looking for an external enclosure that meets the following specs: 2.5" drive support is nominal, but 3.5" will work as adapters are readily available. SATA III to USB 3.0. 2 to 3 bay. Price ...
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Hardware for extracting data from eight DVD-Rs at the same time

As I were not able to find a DVD-R carousel within my price range that includes a reader, I'm considering buying eight DVD-R drives and controller-card(s) for extracting data off hundreds of CD-Rs and ...
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Mouse with separate scroll wheel and middle button

Can you recommend an optical mouse with three mouse buttons and a non-clickable scroll wheel? Most mice available today have two buttons with a clickable scroll wheel between them. I am not happy ...
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USB Wi-Fi stick or PCI Wi-Fi card with AP capability on Linux

I want to make an AP from a Linux PC with an USB Wi-Fi adapter. My attempts until now weren't really successful; either the driver missed the AP capability feature, or the signal strength was ...
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Smallest smart tracking device for locating objects, alternative to TrackR

I'm looking for thinnest tracking device such as TrackR sticker to be able to tag multiple objects, then track them down using some smart app. For example for organizing or locating the lost items. So ...
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Barcode Scanner that communicates via RESTful API

I am project managing the development of a web app that needs to interface with a wireless bar code scanner. Ideally I do not want to have to have a local host computer on site for the scanners to ...

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