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Scale USB / Wireless / Bluetooth Connected

Since you are doing an OEM solution, you should look at Load Cells. I designed some 45 years ago. They are basically blocks of steel with a cut of some sort and a strain gauge (variable resistor) ...
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USB Wi-Fi stick or PCI Wi-Fi card with AP capability on Linux This is a list of USB wifi adapters tested by the community. Part of the same website but a specific list
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3.5" Internal Card Reader with only USB 3.2Gen2 (10G) connector

EZDIY-FAB 3.5" Card Reader - $33 I'm pretty sure you've seen this reader already, but it's still the best option I see; the 3.5" internal bay market is pretty small these days given that ...
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USB Wi-Fi stick or PCI Wi-Fi card with AP capability on Linux

The devices that have been tried are client devices. They have small low-power antennas as compared to WAPs which have high power/gain antennas. Which is why a hotspot from a mobile is not going to ...
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Replacement for Logitech MX Keys with wired mode support

The Keychron K3 Version 2 Gateron Red Switch keyboard may be a very good choice for you. It has a compact flat design, and each key has a curved depression. It is compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, ...
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