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Windows is profligate in use of drive space. During an update, it may be using almost triple the amount taken up by the Windows OS directory itself: The original Windows folder, the update files that are downloaded and unpacked, and a copy of the Windows folder, Windows.old. Perhaps investigate purchase of a larger SSD, or experiment with an OS that uses ...


To answer your first question, this is the adapter you need For your second question, you will be able to read windows files from it as Mac can read FAT32 and NTFS filesystems (those are the types Windows uses). Hope this answers your question! If you need further details, let me know in the comments! :) *EDIT* I changed the Amazon link because the initial ...


One option might be that you have Nvidia DSR enabled. to check: open up Nvidia control panel, go to Manage 3d setting and search for DSR-Factors. in your case 2.00x might be enabled

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