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Upgrading Lenovo Legion 5 to have 2 4TB SSDs

You are correct, you can put larger drives in the slots, the 1TB is just what Lenovo offers as part of the spec. You will end up with the pre-installed SSD extra, since most laptop manufacturers don't ...
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15" - 16" Laptop or Mobile Workstation with Display that is guaranteed not to use PWM

... found the answer myself: according to this spec sheet on the lenovo website, the WQUXGA display of the Thinkpad P16v uses DC Dimming. So, what is to look for is, in effect, DC dimming.
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Laptop with DVD drive and removable battery

Panasonic ToughBook As far as I'm aware, the Panasonic ToughBook series is the last remaining line of laptops that offers user swappable batteries (i.e. you can change the battery without ...
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