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Cloud-free smart bathroom scales

To avoid a lack of updates needed to fix software issues, let's require that the scales model is either (1) currently in production, (2) supported by a manufacturer's software for their whole range of ...
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Looking for small, lightweight tracking device

Make your own using Raspberry Pi with GSM module, battery and additional software to track it. This is the hard way. "Car" trackers can be actually used for other purposes. This $199 device ...
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Bluetooth Proximity Trackers

Well yes, but actually no From a software standpoint, I personally think the polish for Bluetooth location trackers has reached a point that it can be considered mature enough for "everyday" use. I ...
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Off the shelf cheap wearable BlueTooth Low Energy device

I feel that Hexiwear is a pretty good platform, although a little expensive. I feel it ticks most of your boxes: rubber wrist band - check rugged and robust - not really, but it's enclosed in that ...
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Off the shelf cheap wearable BlueTooth Low Energy device

I am answering my own question, in case it is of any interest to others. For development, I have found an excellent and extremely cheap solution. In fact, it could probably be used in non-profits. ...
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Cheap 120FPS Camera sensor

Not too rough, if you don't mind ordering from China. Check out this ELP-USBFHD01M-L36-120FPS on ebay. It's unbranded, but I've given you the model number so you can find it elsewhere. Currently, ...
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An inside-out tracking VR headset

So far I've only found one VR headset which features inside-out positional tracking and does not require connecting to a desktop computer: the Occipital Bridge. It's $399, only works with iPhone 6 or ...
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GPS Tracker to integrate with server

I have years of experience with GSM GPS trackers. I work at daily basis with GPS trackers and reception servers. There are few things that affect the devices you would need. So place let me know ...
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