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Sleep tracker wearable/wristband

After hours of searching online I found a device I'm going to give a shot. Withings Pulse HR seems to match the functionality expectations. Feels a bit pricy for the quality (based on the reviews), ...
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"Watch-like" Smart Watch With Android Notification Support but Without Mandatory Cloud Synchronization

The Pebble 2 HR is the watch you are looking for! I had the Pebble Time for a year and it lasted over a week on a single charge. The Time does not have heart rate, however, so if you want heart rate,...
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Dimmable LED bulb

Your question is a bit over my head from a technical perspective. LED bulbs are a lot more complicated than incandescent (sometimes that's a good thing in terms of added features, sometimes it's a ...
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Outdoor, in ground, smart lighting solution

What you are looking for does not yet exist as a product. You should expect to pay much more than that if you want a professional system that works with smarthome devices. This system is very close ...
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Best Device For Learning About Sending TCP Packets

I would start with software - Wireshark works on both Windows and Linux and lets you see all the packets reaching your computer. It's free. Also read about magic packets - wake on LAN has nothing to ...
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Device to view TV shows and movies stored on a hard drive in an organized manner

Like BigElittles, I'm a Plex fan, and my current preferred method for viewing my own videos and photos is Plex-through-Amazon-Firestick. If I had a smart TV (w/web browser), I may have accessed Plex ...
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Device to view TV shows and movies stored on a hard drive in an organized manner

I would recommend a piece of software called plex media server. With a piece of hardware to attach to your TV. Plex is very responsive on gen 1 amazon firesticks, so 35$ and you are off to the races. ...
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Wearable sleep aid

If you are just looking for something to get you up there is Pavlok. This literally zaps you awake. It has a lot of mixed reviews but some people swear by it. Company Website: / I ...
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Smart Home: controlled power receptacles

This one's pretty easy, really. Pick up the TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug. It was the first device I found when I searched for "smart outlet." It is $25 It is bog standard 2.4ghz wifi It turns stuff ...
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