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For questions about devices that are worn over the eyes and are connected to a computer to display near-lifelike visuals.

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VR Headset for 300+ Service Technicians

We are considering purchasing VR headsets for a large group of service technicians, to enable virtual collaboration and training. Does anyone have 2 or 3 of the following headsets, and could compare ...
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GPU options to for gaming PC being used mostly for VR

I"m putting together a gaming PC for a family member (to use with his Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Link), and with the GPU shortage going on out there, I'm having a tough time. If I could find one ...
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Gaming Rig that can Handle VR (and Roblox VR)

I’m helping my nephew put together a system that will allow him to play Roblox VR on his Oculous Quest 2 headset. With my knowledge and research, the things I’ve been keeping in the back of my head as ...
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FPV Racing Drone Reccomendation

I'm looking for an FPV racing drone that has a sturdy frame and comes with everything I need (except VR goggles if it links with your phone). I also don't have a soldering iron so I won't be able to ...
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A Graphics Card for an excellent experience with a Valve Index VR

What Graphics Card (GPU) would give me the best bang for the buck to use with a Valve Index VR Headset? I don't want to spend more money than I need, but I don't want the VR experience to suffer ...
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Most open VR Headsets for developers

I am looking to build a system where many VR Headsets are remote controlled by one device on the same LAN. The idea is that all headsets boot directly into the slave app, which for now only shows a ...
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What is the best Virtual Reality headset for research purposes [closed]

I am currently doing my Msc. research paper on an area which involves developing a specialized virtual reality app thus requiring a good VR headset, so whats the best on-budget recommended headset ...
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Mixing Vive+Vive Pro+Base 1.0+Base 2.0? [closed]

We're preparing an exhibition and I'd like to know what are the chances of interference between individual exhibitors. I know that: Vive Pro can use up to 16 Base 2.0 stations Vive Pro can use Base ...
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Oculus Rift or HTC Vive?

I'm planning on getting a VR headset. I'm not sure which would be the best choice. Are there any recommendations about which I should choose? Oculus Rift HTC Vive I read about the PIMAX 8k (...
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What is the cheapest PC compatible with Oculus Rift?

I just got an Oculus Rift, and now I need a PC to use it with. My question is, what is the cheapest available PC that I can use an Oculus Rift with? Note: I don't want to have to build a PC, I want ...
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Cheapest available positional tracking VR headset

There are currently three main tiers of virtual reality headsets on the market: At the low end, there are Google Cardboard-style headsets, made out of either cardboard or plastic that you can get for ...
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An inside-out tracking VR headset

There are VR headsets that you can use without being tethered to a desktop computer, like the Samsung Gear VR headset, the Google Cardboard headset, and the Google Daydream View headset, but those ...
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What's the minimum hardware spec needed for a VR ready laptop?

I'm in the market for a new gaming laptop. Because you can't easily upgrade the components in laptops, I'd ideally like to buy one that has the potential to run VR. However, my day to day needs do not ...
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Alternative to Oculus Rift

I was hoping for the Oculus Rift to be released for a price of less than 500 € (~550 USD). Since it it now announced for 700 € (~760 USD), I wonder whether there's an alternative announced to be ready ...
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VR headset as huge resolution monitor?

I've currently got 4 monitors on my workstation, but I still want more desktop space. Is there a head-tracking VR headset (either augmented reality or such that a keyboard can still be seen/used ...
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