I have spent a lot of time looking for a new keyboard and have not seen one that matches my criteria. For instance as a programmer, to me, the buttons Home, End, Delete are very important but manufacturers commonly decide not to include these or put them in inconvenient places in favour of buttons like ScrLk, Pause, Insert taking the sweet spots (which are buttons I never use by the way). I am looking for a keyboard with the following features:

  • US layout
  • CapsLock (I don't use it either) isn't bigger than Left Shift. You have no idea how commonly I hit CapsLock instead of Shift.
  • Big Enter, preferably on 2 rows, e.g.
    enter image description here
    My current keyboard has \ right above Enter and I end up pressing the wrong button quite commonly when typing fast.
  • Home, End, Delete conveniently placed near other active buttons e.g. above Backspace or at all somewhere near to the rest of the keys. In the middle of a Numpad doesn't quite fit. It works if Home and End are Fn+Left/Right Arrow
  • Preferably wireless and slim. I am not a fan of mechanical keyboards and prefer quiet ones as seen for instance on laptops as it lets me type much faster and quieter.
  • The final extra would be to have the super key say super (not to be confused with an Apple layout) or be a blank key instead of the Windows. Now obviously this is only an extra, although I am not really a fan of having a corporate trademark of a product I do not use stuck on an item I use all the time.

I am by no means asking anyone to search for a keyboard with these criteria for me.; I am posting this just in case you have already seen something like what I described, in which case I would really appreciate the brand and model. Thanks!

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Spending 30 years next to computers, I think your exact wish is not existing, however, just like you also wrote, close enough candidates can be found.

I think a viable one could be Logitech K800 (picture), I have also used it for some years, even as software specialist.

  • US layout: exists

  • LShift > Caps: on US layout it is

  • Wireless & Slim: it is. (& non-mech)

    Extra: illuminated keys :)

    X - no 2-row Enter :(

    Alt - Del/Home/End location. Honestly I'm not sure what your preference would be with these. I would be happy if you let me know in comments. I get it for FN + L/R, but I know no such manufactured keyboard.

    Alt - Super/etc. key location is not fixed. My current Logitech K270 has "context menu" button there, K800 had FN button there.

This is my suggestion with first hand experience. I hope you like it or will find some more suitable one. In the end I'm interested what you find as best fit, I will be happy if you share :)


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