I've been a frequent laptop user for years and whenever I needed a new desktop keyboard I managed to get a laptop-like (think ThinkPad x220 or older) keyboard that had:

  • low-profile keys which come with low travel distance
  • non-chiclet keys - i.e keys bordering each other, without any borders formed by the top of the keyboard body
  • scissor switches, which provide reasonable key stability
  • wired connection, which is more secure than whatever wireless one I've ever seen
  • generally recognisable 104±1 keys layout (I'm not picky about the exact Enter / \ / Backspace placement, just prefer them to be close to each other).
  • I would prefer "classical" key labels, i.e.:
    • symbols slightly in the corner
    • a decent (non-gaming/futuristic) font

Recently, I'm unable to find anything like that - non-chiclet keyboards I have seen usually have too long travel distance.

Acceptable disadvantages:

  • Layouts where the arrow block is pushed into the main block and the 6-kay block above it rearranged somehow.
  • Multimedia buttons (if they are there I either use them or switch them off on software level).

Do you have any recommendations?

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