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Can I have recommendations about the trackball / mouse?

Vertical mouse is OK only if you never take your dominant hand off the mouse. Regular users tend to keep moving their hand between mouse and keyboard. Vertical mouse is very bad for this as it takes ...
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What are my options for a thumb trackball for gaming?

If you liked the Logitech M570 they now have the MX Ergo Plus, it has received favorable reviews with some minor complaints; price being the biggest concern. There's also the Elecom M-XPT1MRBK for a ...
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Recommended Wireless Mini Keyboard with Trackball

I've used a compact IOGEAR keyboard on an HTPC before. I was impressed with how comfortable it felt to hold. Product: IOGEAR Multimedia Keyboard (Model: GKM561R) This keyboard has the following ...
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Recommended Wireless Mini Keyboard with Trackball

Finally, I opted for a different model, because it seems to have better support for Japanese language (which I also needed). However, for more general cases I think @Andy's answer is the best choice. ...
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Are there any budget Bluetooth trackballs?

Just buy the MX Ergo. Unfortunately, trackballs are a fairly narrow market with not a ton of demand; unsurprisingly, this means that prices aren't exactly the most competitive. Finding something ...
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Looking for a small analog pointing device, suitable for attaching to a tented split keyboard

This was a hard one to find! This is my recommendation, the Griffin PowerMate Multi-Media Control Knob with Bluetooth Connectivity - Wirelessly control your Mac from Volume to Key Commands It has ...
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Wanted pen-like mouse alternative for a PC (stylus, pencil, ballpen)

What you're describing here is a drawing tablet, or a pen tablet, but usually all of these are made to act like a real pen, so left clicking is by pressing the pen tip on the pad's surface, or the ...
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Thumb-driven wireless trackball with a tilting scrollwheel

I found two thumb-driven wireless trackballs with tilt wheels that are compatible with Windows: Logitech MX ERGO ELECOM M-XT3DRBK
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