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For questions about devices making use of an infinitely scrolling trackball for computer navigation. Do not use this tag for questions about mice with trackballs.

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Mouse + Trackball combo

I tried a Logitech trackball when they first came out as I was starting to get RSI on the wrist. But it soon gave me RSI of the thumb. So I went back to the mouse and made myself ambidextrous. I ...
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Are there any budget Bluetooth trackballs?

I love using trackballs on bed/couches as I don't need to worry about the surface at all. However, tablets are cutting down on usb-A ports and I don't want adapters hanging off my tablet so I'm ...
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Looking for a small analog pointing device, suitable for attaching to a tented split keyboard

I just purchased a tented split keyboard to alleviate some of the repetitive stress on my hands from typing, which I use with my MacBook Pro. It's working great overall, but I'm annoyed by the need to ...
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Wanted pen-like mouse alternative for a PC (stylus, pencil, ballpen)

Basically I need a mouse shaped like a pen that you can use in place of a mouse, although I would most likely use it as a companion to my mouse. My use case specifically would be drawing simple ...
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Can I have recommendations about the trackball / mouse?

My mouse was broken a few days ago, so I need to buy a new mouse. I am interested in a trackball or vertical mouse because professional writers say that is better for my hands and that it's a good ...
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Recommended Wireless Mini Keyboard with Trackball

I want a keyboard to use with my gaming/htpc. I will use it from the sofa so a wireless, mini keyboard would be best. I feel game controller sticks a comfortable device, therefore I want a ...
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Thumb-driven wireless trackball with a tilting scrollwheel

One of the most popular trackballs is the Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball. The big feature missing from their product is a tilting scrollwheel so the user can scroll horizontally. Is there a thumb-...
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What are my options for a thumb trackball for gaming?

I have used the Logitech M570 for years, however when I compare the DPI on it to normal modern gaming mice it seems lackluster. I also would like to use all my fingers for buttons in games that ...
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