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Cheap RFID/NFC reader and *writer* which has a programmable (serial port?) interface?

I would like to use an ESP32, would settle for Raspberry PI. I seek an RFID and/or NFC reader/writer, which I can use C/C++/Python code to read and write the serial number (terminology?) of a tag. ...
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What is the best programmable router?

I have a programming background and would like to buy a programmable router (probably python as the language, but I'm open to others ), in order to control my kids internet use. I know there are ...
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I would like to find a sustainable Cellular router solution with management features

I would like to find a sustainable Cellular router solution with management features. I would like to have a router that can be programmatically configured. Some of the associated features would ...
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Wired NFC tag that is dynamic and programmable

I'd like to send files from a computer (via my software) to an NFC tag (that can be read by an iPhone, similar to Apple Pay), but also be able to overwrite that same tag with another file on demand. ...
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Programmable Keyboard for Mathematics

I am about to begin studying partial differential equations, and I recall from multivariable calculus how annoying it was to hunt for, copy, and paste symbols such as ∂, ∇, Δ, etc., sometimes more ...
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Programmable non-mechanical keyboard?

I'm looking for a non-mechanical programmable keyboard. Requirements Not mechanical i.e. I want a membrane or rubber dome keyboard. Fully programmable. I really like how the Pok3r lets you program ...
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Off the shelf cheap wearable BlueTooth Low Energy device

I am trying to design an employee tracking system, to track employees from room to room, for saftey purposes. Somewhat obviously, if requires each tracked person to carry a device which uniquely ...
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Good and inexpensive mouse

I noticed that my mouse sometimes interrupts clicking and holding of the left mouse button, and sometimes sends a double click even if I didn't. Now it's probably the right time to buy a new mouse. ...
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