I am looking for an Android phone or a small tablet to use -- without a waterproof case -- as a navigation device on a bicycle.

The main requirement is that it must be able to withstand hours of pouring rain, and the touchscreen must remain operable when wet. It should also be possible to recharge the device while using it in the rain and without putting it at risk (through exposed charging ports etc).

The ability to use the touchscreen while wearing gloves would be a plus.

I am looking for recommendations based on real-world experience rather than marketing materials (a lot of manufacturers advertise IP ratings, MIL-STD-810G self-certification etc but it's hard to tell what any of that means in real-world use).


I don't know if there are any devices that can be charged while in the pouring rain or wet at all for that matter. But if you just need GPS signal while biking then I suggest looking at the Xperia XZ compact line up. My wife and I have had Xperia phones and they do great even with full water submersion. Just turn on glove mode and they won't interact with water too much. And without a sim card inserted you should be able to use the GPS for ages before the battery dies you'll just have to use google maps offline maps feature or only set up routes when you are on wifi.

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    Apart from the price one reason I'm not upgrading from a Z3 compact to an XZ is that the magnetic charging point (that I've used in heavy rain) has been dropped. If you've got Qi wireless charging there are IP67 Qi devices that could be stuffed into a handlebar bracket under the phone. Battery life with a sim but with mobile data disabled is good, but limited by needing the screen on at least some of the time
    – Chris H
    Aug 10 '18 at 8:59

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