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For questions concerning devices that should be waterproof. Do not use this tag to ask about water resistant devices.

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Hardware for a Silent Disco in a pond

I want to host a private rave at a pond. There are other residents of the pond. In order to be a good neighbor, I want to do it silent disco style, which means instead of playing music from speakers ...
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Recommendation for a mini waterproof USB infrared webcam for Raspberry Pi

Could anyone recommend a mini (approx. 2mm x 2mm) waterproof USB infrared webcam for Raspberry Pi. This will be used for aquatic life monitoring. Any suggestions would be appreciated as well.
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2 answers

Android device to use in wet conditions

I am looking for an Android phone or a small tablet to use -- without a waterproof case -- as a navigation device on a bicycle. The main requirement is that it must be able to withstand hours of ...
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Outdoor IP Camera with built in FTP (SFTP, web) server

I am looking for an outdoor IP camera with night vision and good resolution, ability to cover distances about 100 m with good detail (registration plate, face etc.). There are some good ...
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Weatherproof IP camera for long distances

I'm looking for a weatherproof (or waterproof only) IP Camera capable of covering long distances like 500 meters or more for 24/7 surveillance in industrial areas. I've searched among popular brands ...
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