I would like to buy hundred of very low budget laptops for a programming exam. The requirements are:

  • Screen > 12''
  • User storage < 100 MB
  • OS POSIX compliant
  • Keyboard
  • Trackpad
  • Wi-Fi
  • Ram > 1 GB
  • Camera (to identify a student)
  • Price < 150$

Most of the very cheap laptops I found are already too powerful. For example on wish there is a 150$ laptop with 64G SSD, Bluetooth, 2GHz...

Where can I find this kind of very cheap computer?

If I think in terms of independent components I can imagine a working product for less than 100$:

  • Raspberry Pi: 30$
  • SDcard 16GB: 5$
  • Power supply with battery: 20$
  • Keyboard: 5$
  • Mouse: 5$
  • Screen: 30$
  • Case: 5$

The goal is to run a Docker client and a web browser that could connect to a repl.it or run vscode.

  • Do you really want ten times as much RAM as storage? – Obie 2.0 Aug 27 at 20:34
  • This is the minimum I need. These laptops will be only used for exams and I don't know any student that can write more than 100 kB of code in 4 hours. – nowox Aug 27 at 20:43
  • Would you not have trouble storing a modern operating system and a web browser on a device with 100 MB of storage, assuming you could find one? – Obie 2.0 Aug 28 at 5:47
  • 100 MB is the user storage,not the disk size – nowox Aug 28 at 7:17

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