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Questions tagged [blu-ray]

For questions about devices that relate to Blu-Ray discs. This is a broad tag; consider also using a more specific tag.

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How can a sound bar play sound with single optical ports multiple devices?

I want to keep hold of my current 42” smart hd tv for now and buy a 4K / blu ray / 3D / hdr player and a sound bar. My tv has an audio optical input. My blu ray player has an audio optical output ...
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Best Blu-Ray Burner and Reader

I was hoping someone could recommend a great blu-ray burner and player. My first requirement is that it can burn M-Disc 100 gig blu-ray discs. I have tons of business documents, home photos and home ...
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Need to find adapter for laptop ATAPi/IDE to SATA

I need to integrate a 9.5 or 12.7 mm laptop optical BluRay drive into a small form factor case that only accepts a slot in drive. I have the slot in drive but it some small/slim ATAPI/IDE. The ...
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BD-R XL vs External HDD for storage of data of long life span?

BD-R XL vs External HDD for storage of data of long life span? What I am considering in this question are two options: BD-R XL (e.g. Verbatim BD-R XL, 4x, 100GB, 5 ks, jewel, printable), cost 75,-...
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Blu-ray player for Retina MacBook Pro (USB powered)

The latest Apple notebooks do not have any built-in DVD drive, and Apple only sells a DVD drive. Is there any external drive which is similar to the external SuperDrive for the MacBook Pro, but is ...
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Simple cheap blu-ray player

I've been searching for a simple Blu-Ray player. I've notice a lot of Blu-ray players are in the $60+ range, but also come with Wi-Fi/LAN capabilities, able play music, Netflix, all that stuff. I don'...
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Home movie player for DVD/Blu-Ray

Years ago, I was into home PC DVRs with many tuners, lots of storage, and awesome PC-based playback throughout the house. I started with Beyond TV and when they quit developing new home user features ...
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