I was hoping someone could recommend a great blu-ray burner and player.

  • My first requirement is that it can burn M-Disc 100 gig blu-ray discs. I have tons of business documents, home photos and home videos. The business documents don't take up that much space but the home videos is what takes up a lot. I have a camcorder and I end up recording about 500 gigs of home videos per year. Right now, they are saved on a hard drive but I don't want my precious memories to get lost. I want to be able to see them 30 years from now.
  • The second requirement is that it can play Ultra HD 4k movies. This is not a really a must-have. There aren't that many 4k movies out anyway. I think only a few 4k movies were even available last year. In a couple of years, 4k movies might become more commonplace though so it might be nice to have.

Can anyone recommend the best blu-ray burner/player right now?

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