I need a USB 3.0 Express Card with 2 Ports and 34mm width that is compatible with Linux. Additional compatibility with Windows 10 would be great.

I already tried „CSL - USB 3.0 Super Speed PCMCIA Express Card Karte (34mm / 2 Port / Windows 7 + Windows 8 kompatibel) für Notebook Laptop | USB Hub intern“. But it has a „Renesas Technology Corp. uPD720202 USB 3.0 Host Controller (rev 02)“ Chip and the current Linux kernel doesn‘t support it. For more information please look here

  • I have such a card with an uPD720202 chip and it works fine with kernel 4.18.4 (Self-compiled; maybe the driver is just not compiled with the pre-compiled distribution kernels?). My card is a 54mm, though, with optional external 5V power input socket between the two USB ports. The uPD720202 chips are quite acceptable; I have read somewhere that FL1100 should be a bit better and that there is another chip which should be much worse; I do not remember where I read that. Nov 2, 2018 at 15:12
  • Here is also some discussion about such cards unter Linux. Nov 2, 2018 at 15:14

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I found this: USB 3.0 ExpressCard 34MM for GNU / Linux (TPE-USB3EXCD).

It's said to be compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 2000 / 7 / 8 and most recent linux distributions.

I haven't buyed and tested it yet, however.

I‘m thankful for more recommendations, however 🙂!

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