• The D-Link product is no longer manufactured.
  • I'm aware of software products such as NAS4Free; I'd rather have a complete solution that doesn't involve acquiring more than one product.
  • Raid 1; ability to work with Boxee Box; 2, preferably 3 TBytes per spindle.
  • You'd be right if you've guessed that I pinch pennies.
  • I've tried searching using terms including sharecenter comparison and sharecenter alternative.

Even if you can help me by suggesting other search terms I'd appreciate that.

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I have a preference for Synology. Based on the D-Link specs you provided, either the "J Series" or the "Value Series" would be a good match. Take a look at the Synology site for more details

Pretty much the features/specs are the same - especially when it comes to the software and firmware. The only notable differences would be in the hardware specs.

I have an older model 212j that works flawlessly. I have upgraded it to new versions of the OS with zero issues and is fully compatible with my setup. I hang 3 USB drives off of it for backup and a USB flash disk for storage of my music.

What's nice here too is that you can get it "diskless" meaning the bays are empty. This is how I bought mine (for under $200) at the time and put in two WD Red 3TB NAS drives cheaper than I could have bought it pre-populated.

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