I am looking to build an application that needs to display a QR code, and I want to minimize the cost of it.

I just need a preferably square display, capable of displaying a simple QR code with a short url, nothing more.

Can anyone recommend me something that is as cheap as possible? Thanks

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Your objective may be resolved with a device known as an e-paper kit.

e-paper kit

The one in the image above is 154 pixels square, qualifying for your low-resolution requirement. There are other sizes on the market, other resolutions and a wide range of costs. The one in the image is priced less than US$10.00. It's uncertain what you consider to be low-cost.

You should be able to find that you can purchase a processor such as an Arduino or Pi or adapt your current source to the product you select.

Amazon sells a hat for a Pi at a bit higher cost than the above device:

Amazon Pi Hat for e-paper

  • I am searching for even more low cost, I think I have to take the pain of led matrix if I want it to be cheap. Thanks anyway! Feb 29, 2020 at 15:53

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