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Which motherboard should I choose?

I want to build a custom pc that can support i9-13900K and RTX 4090 in future as I'm a 3D artist, and a stock trader. But for now I want a pc for stock trading, which can support i5, and 32GB/64GB RAM....
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4K Stereoscopic 3D TV Set

In my recreational time, I consider myself a "prosumer". I like making and watching videos and movies, and I'm considering upgrading my FullHD home theater system. I've seen options such as ...
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GPU in new CAD workstation

We're seriously considering upgrading (read: replacing) a small handful of workstations (desktops) for our department at work. No in-house IT, so I'm asked to do a suggestion myself. The workstations ...
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which laptop suites heavy programming?

I am going to do heavy computing and processing like programming. I am looking for a compatible laptop which has a fast GPU-enabled laptop. CUDA enabled on an NVIDIA GPU. Also, it must have SSD. ...
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Passive 3D display

I can find 3D displays on Amazon, but the ones still sold all appear to be active ones. As active 3D always ghosted for me, passive 3D worked perfectly (I'm even more impressed if the Street Fighter ...
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