I am looking for an SDHC for my Wii.

Nintendo's site suggests that any SDHC up to 32 GB should (but is not guaranteed to) work, while other sources imply that the file format matters if you want to use the SD card out of the box without modifying it, which is what I want to do.

Do all SDHC cards of size 32 GB or less use a FAT/FAT32 file format? I was looking at this one, as it appears to be the fastest 32 GB card available (that I could find, at least). Would this card work out of the box?

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That card will work, but it's a UHS-II card and the Wii does not support UHS-II, so it can't use the high speeds offered by this card. In fact, the Wii is old enough that even UHS-I cards can't run at their full speed. You'd be overpaying for technology that the console can't use.

I'd probably suggest something like this SanDisk Ultra card. They're generally reliable and are decent performers even in devices that don't have UHS support.

Wikipedia has more information on SD card speeds.

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