I've recently acquired a Digitus DN-10-05U-1 (10" wide compact rack) to setup my home's network. Now I'd like to rack some proper 16 ports gigabit switch in there, but I'm really having a hard time finding anything fitting the cabinet. Everything I could find so far was either too wide, too deep, not rackable, limited to 8 ports, apparently super cheap, don't sell in my country (Belgium), ... You name it.

Any recommendation ?


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Some solutions I've found so far. They are all

  • Gigabit
  • 16 ports
  • sold WITHOUT 10" rack mounting kit

Intellinet 16-Port Gigabit 561068.
L x W x H: 21.5 x 13.3 x 44 millimeters

Longshine LCS-GS8116-A.
L x W x H: 216 x 133 x 42 millimeters

ZyXEL GS-1100-16.
L x W x H: 215 x 133 x 42 millimeters

Buffalo BS-GU2016.
L x W x H: 215 x 13 x 42 millimeters

Regarding the rack mounting kit, I think (hope) that magnaroute LLC could come to the rescue, especially with that kind of product: magnaroute LLC FX-17 Multi-Vendor Rack Mount Kit. magnaroute rack mount kit The other option is to pick a product that ships with 19" rack mount kit and adapt the kit (cut and pierce).

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