We're developing devices that shall support 802.1X authentication. For testing purposes, we need to connect a few of them to a switch / router.

We need

  • "usual" WLAN (802.11b/g/n)
  • 7 100 MBit Ethernet ports + 1 Uplink port
  • Management of at least 12 devices possible
  • support for username + passwort authentication
  • support for certificate authentication
  • cost max. 1500 €

So far, I found a Lancom WLC-4006+, but it has 4+1 Ethernet ports only.

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One cheap option would be the D-Link DIR-632. It supports all of the above requirements, save perhaps "management of at least 12 devices possible," using dd-wrt firmware, possibly also stock firmware. I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't support 12 managed devices simultaneously, so I think it is a good suggestion.

It is worth noting that this is in a totally different class of devices from your Lancom WLC-4006+, which is not a router or a switch but a WLAN Controller, which is designed to manage connections to wireless APs.

Resource on configuring it to work with certificates under dd-wrt.

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