I am in the market for a new laptop, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good laptop for less than $400 that world have decent performance (preferably at least an Intel i3) and would work well with Ubuntu. I will be using it for programming, surfing the web and writing documents.
Thank you for your suggestions


I just took the most inexpensive computer I could find (€300 without an OS), and had no severe problems over the past 3.5 years. Use it as a development web server; on travels also as office computer.

I´ts an Asus K53U

  • 15" wide screen glare display, full keyboard, Ethernet and WLAN g, a Kensington Lock, SD slot, 3*USB, VGA and HDMI output, DVD writer
  • not too loud or heavy, and it´s a breeze to exchange hardware components.
  • innards: AMD Fusion C50 (a little slower than an i3, but best performance per Watt), 2 GB RAM and a decent battery.
  • The machine sometimes freezes for a minute or so when I open too many tabs in Firefox and have Kruzader running, but that´s about it. Not a single emergency boot in all the time.

The machine even survived a few (physical) crashes:

  • life-hacked the power socket (after a 4ft drop to a stone floor)
  • replaced the HDD with an SSD in no time (after the same drop)
  • only the new DVD drive does´t really fit into the case; keeps popping open from time to time. (Yup: I actually killed my coffee cup holder.)

I believe any i3 laptop should work with Ubuntu Ubuntu is not so demanding in system so find any cheap or even refurbished laptops on newegg bhphotvideo moneyexchange

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