I have a Logitech set: mouse (M185) + keyboard (K270). It uses a pre-Unifying receiver (this is how I understand it), one for both mouse and keyboard. I would like to replace the mouse with some other (with more than 3 buttons) but I would like to leave the same receiver.

Which Logitech mice are:

  • wireless
  • use a non-Unifying receiver
  • not Bluetooth, and
  • have more than 3 buttons?

How can I find them? I didn't find a way to filter by the type of receiver…

I also did tests with a Unifying mouse and the Unifying Software does not see my keyboard while the Logitech Connection Utility (this is how the software for pairing these non-Unifying devices is called) does not see the mouse.


A manual search was required to find:

Pro Gaming

  • This is technically correct answer however it does not solve my problem. I bought G305 and it does not work with my receiver, I doubt any Logitech G mice will. My only hope is in old (no longer officially sold) devices but I have no way of finding them…
    – bpiec
    Jun 15 '20 at 15:46

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