I am looking to replace some cheap solar LED lamp post lights along my driveway, with an in ground lighting solution. I have a few requirements though:

  • Must be hardwired to power, not solar powered. I am in the US, so it need to be compatible with the standard power grid here.
  • Must use something that is easily replaceable, should a light stop working.
  • Must be compatible with Google Assistant and/or Home Assistant so that I can control it from an appropriate device
  • I'd like it to be multi-colored, so that I can adjust the color and brightness of the light based on time of year
  • I'd like it to be in ground, not small lamp posts.

This is going to go along the driveway and I anticipate this will take 10-15 lights (based entirely off my solar light test). The driveway is approximately 50 feet in length.

My budget for the hardware is less than $500. Installation will be done by myself. This budget eliminates things like the Hue product line, because their outdoor lights are over $100 per light.


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What you are looking for does not yet exist as a product. You should expect to pay much more than that if you want a professional system that works with smarthome devices.

This system is very close to what you are asking for but it is not smart home compatible.

However, that doesn't mean you can't put something together yourself. You could use a waterproof mount with budget smart bulbs, or use colored outdoor lights paired with a smart power switch. (Recommendations for each inline.)

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