Not sure if this is the right place to be asking this question. But since this is hardware / PC related, and not woodworking, I think it would be the best place.

I'm currently in the planning process to build a new dining table, that would be able to operate as a tabletop table, specifically card and/or pen and paper. For this, one of the ends will include a table-"wing" for the Gamemaster. In this wing I want to install two angled monitors and connect them to either a mini-pc or a custom built ITX pc. The PC itself is not the difficult part, the monitors are however.

The requirements for the monitors:

  • 2x Monitors (Size 15.6" ~ 17", 16:9)
  • Touch capability
  • Either frame-less or panel based, for easy installation
  • Should run on either mini-DP, DP or HDMI. (if anyone have other suggestions please feel free to suggest it)
  • Voltage in the table would be either 230V or 24V.

Some people have suggested that I simply scavenge some old laptops or monitors. While other people suggest trying to locate some on Ebay (or similar).

I was thinking that perhaps some of the people in this stackexchange might have experience with these types of custom builds.

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There are ready made available, for example this Waveshare one.

Scavenging laptop displays requires some effort since they don't use standard connectors and you need to track down adapters which work with this specific model.

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