Hello, World! I was born nearly 5 decades ago. Growing up in West Texas the child of educators, I now live my life -- sheltering at home and social distancing for the time being -- in beautiful New Mexico. I'm married to the love of my life who just happens to be an incredibly talented artist, writer, musician and well-known Youtuber. A semi-retired sales, marketing and events specialist -- primarily in hospitality, real estate, Saas and non-profits, I'm teaching myself design and coding.

I'm a total newb to coding, and like many, I've begun my journey with the classic stack of HTML/CSS/JavaScript. I'm learning everything I can on CodeCrushCrew.com, Codecademy, Treehouse and about a two dozen other moocs, plus I'm hoping to get into a coding bootcamp. I'm keen on UX/UI and am hoping my design sensibilities are up-to-snuff. Whatever the case, I've adopted the 'beginner's mind,' and am willing to try hard, work harder, ask questions and network like an annoying little trooper.

I also like to sketch and would love to be(come) a cartoonist -- not a graphic novelist, more OG style like Peanuts. I'm teaching myself SEO, to play the guitar, speak Spanish, and would also like to understand the Forex markets better. I'm easily distracted, intensely curious and love learning new things. With my coding, I hope to be creating new and useful tools that can both delight and help people. I love hanging out with my immensely talented spouse, napping when the urge strikes, hacking my morning coffee, watching old movies, checking out art galleries and museums, riding my recumbent trike and playing tennis, though not necessarily in that order. That's me in a nutshell.

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