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Doesn’t technology increase the natural rate of unemployment non-dynamically but for entertainment?

If degrowth is deflationary, isn't dynamic degrowth operationally efficient?

Art of fact cutting edge. Inequalities. Efficiency-coefficience. Racism. NATO. Commodity-Money.

One non-standardized definition at a time. “Taxes are not socialist.” Welcome to the site! On Skeptics questions need to ask about a specific notable claim that you're skeptical of, where 'notable'[] means that a large number of people believe it.

"Some people on another Stack Exchange site said something I think is wrong" isn't really the style of question that's on-topic here, and all of your commentary on Marx and what not make it seem like like you're stating your views or presenting research rather trying to ask a question.

Producer surplus is not contractor profit but payment installments.

How do TCP and DNS format IP addresses differently?

It is miraculous to me that an entire field of scientists can plop a 'unit' on a quadratic matrix without a measure and call it a day.

I, Nick Carducci, thus introduce to you a day off to substitute supply.


My definition is the derivative of Capital K for such is ground rent, that to which is living labor of the soil. The equation of consumption per instance as derivative is leisure time + capital rent + labor wage. Quite useless, as all accounting is for really but forensic embezzlement fraud and starting a ponzi.

73 2020 3 years 78 🔮 (2022) Quality-control by name/(2wk public-)review and open source. of wonder population level (not mortality rate) single-year

"wait, it is all C?"

Real GDP growth is physical purchases minus net export, deficit and employee-benefits.

const objs=function(){arguments.forEach(x=>this[x]="")}.apply(this,["paths","bundles","CG","map"]);

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