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Free/libre WLAN router

Minifree offers the Libre WNDR3800 Router. These are refurbished Netgear WNDR3800 or WNDR3800-1CHNAS routers that come pre-installed with free software only (uboot, libreCMC). While it has no RYF ...
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MAC Address spoofing/cloning wireless router

My router that I use has this feature. It is called MAC cloning. They currently go for less than $30 on Amazon. They are a bit dated but will give you an idea what to look for. Asus - RT-N12B1
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An HDMI stick that works on the 5 GHz WLAN network?

If I understand the 802.11 specs correctly, then the 802.11ac variant uses the 5GHz band exclusively, thus the ASUS device should be what you are looking for. Take a look at the table on Wikipedia. ...
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What is a good WLAN Router with DSL-Modem for OpenWRT

Up to now there is no DSL/VDSl modem/router supported, because fo problems with the driver and the management of the modem itself that connects to the Internet Provider. So, if you just want a name, ...
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WiFi range extender + router + bult-in data card

Industrial: Cisco offers products with this capability: 4G Routers. I have used their products to build similar configurations. There are many industrial products like this from Cisco and others. ...
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WLAN-Card for Lenovo Z50-70 laptop

Your laptop's hardware manual and user guide show no expansion slot for a PC Card WiFi Adapter. Therefore, replacing the factory-installed internal Mini-PCIe card with a Mini-PCIe card with is 2.4 / ...
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WLAN router for 802.1X (RADIUS) testing

One cheap option would be the D-Link DIR-632. It supports all of the above requirements, save perhaps "management of at least 12 devices possible," using dd-wrt firmware, possibly also stock firmware. ...
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What is a good WLAN Router with DSL-Modem for OpenWRT

You might want to look at the FritzBox 7312. Reasons: Supported by OpenWrt (see). Internal ADSL 2 / ADSL 2+ modem that is also seemingly working when installing OpenWrt (which is rare and I have not ...
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