tl;dr: arm swing is noise compared to accuracy of GPS Is there a GPS watch that somehow accounts for this to produce more accurate data? No, there is not. The reason is among others that to get that level of accuracy for GPS requires significantly more than the GPS locator can provide. The U.S. government is committed to providing GPS to the civilian ...


Whilst most people I know have the ubiquitous Fitbit, I have heard good things about the Microsoft Band. It is meant to have a few more features, although it is, unfortunately, lacking the Leaderboard community aspect. It is however compatible with Android, as is the Fitbit. If money is no object, then why not go for an Apple Watch, whose features seem ...


It doesn't look like theres a consumer version out yet, but Sony SmartEyeglass looks promising. Has a better design than Google Glass (In my opinion) Has a SDK (Can't comment on whether it's "good" or not, as I never used it) Built-in 3MP camera Not 100% sure about integration with mobile apps, but it does say that it supports devices running Android 4.4 ...


After hours of searching online I found a device I'm going to give a shot. Withings Pulse HR seems to match the functionality expectations. Feels a bit pricy for the quality (based on the reviews), however.


You could also consider custom-molded in-ears. As they’re precisely fitted for your ears alone, not only they block out noise more effectively, they can also be extremely comfortable. If you’re okay with deep insertion in-ears, you could check out the Etymotic ER4 as well. Or, consider foam eartips for your earphones.


hmm.. Long range Passive RFID will cost you around $45 so forget about it.. Cameras to follow employee! science fiction, we are not ready for it yet.. GPS will not work perfectly inside buildings.. But there is a small idea for you and more simple! I worked on AP devices from company called ubiquiti, These AP have the ability to work as a mesh network, ...


You could probably find a used Samsung Gear S2 in great condition for around $45 to $75, I know I have. Take a look at Craigslist or your local similar sites. The Samsung Gear S2 is a great watch that is programmable through Samsung Developers and has a lot of downloadable apps and watch faces to choose from.


Yeah, it is very opinion based... at the end of the day, it is your decision. I have a Motorola Moto Watch 2nd Gen, the starting price is £239ish. I like watches with a circular display, so I chose this watch. At that time, the Huawei watch was a bit more costly. Despite the 'flat tire' display of the Moto Watch (the black bit at the bottom of the display) I ...

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