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Windows laptop for programming, make music and editing videos

For HP I would recommend: The best fit at $1850: HP Spectre x360 15 EB0065NR Same idea, at $1450: HP Spectre x360 15 DF1040NR If you can afford it, I would definitely go for the first one since it ...
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Alienware or Macbook Pro? Which one is worth it?

For overall "OUT OF THE BOX" compatibility you are going to be better off going with a PC. Performance wise comparing the two you will get the following benefits of the base model Alienware laptop ...
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PC suggestion for Video editing

I think this would be great(I included a monitor too since you didn't specify if you needed it), but I didn't include the storage since I don't know do you need 1TB or 5TB, you didn't specify it. ...
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PC for Animation and Film software - Maya, Nuke, Houdini, Cubase

Self-built option ~= $1600 (Prices fluctuate daily) If you're comfortable with building your own systems (It's actually quite easy) I can easily fit it top of the line components for $1594.69. Here's ...
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RTX 2060 6GB vs RTX 2060 12GB in near future

Definitely go with the 12GB variety, always err on the side of more VRAM rather than less. I was looking up Forza Horizon5 VRAM allocation, at 1080p extreme settings it uses almost 8GB as per KitGuru
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Hardware Recommendations

This will be just a partial answer. There are several types of internal SSD disks. The most commonly used is SATA 2.5 inches. They are the ones that are totally enclosed in a plastic box. They have ...
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PC for 4K video editing (using FFmpeg) - acceleration? FFmpeg is the most popular multimedia transcoding software and is used extensively for video and audio transcoding. ...
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Does GTX 1650 encode/render videos at better speed/performance than RX 6500 XT?

According to,23.html, the 6500XT is faster in OpenCL than the 1650 Super in Cuda. But if your video edit software only supports CUDA and ...
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Amd Cpu Or Apu Under 10k

if you can buy the GTX1650, ignore the R5 2400G = 4 cores 3.6 GHz base 3.9 GHz boost clock RX11 Vega graphics for the card is far superior to onboard graphics. So, it's a battle for your budget, ...
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Is i7 8565U, with 16 gb RAM, 512 SSD with intel uhd 620, only integrated good enough for Android studio?

That should be good enough. I have a slightly worse laptop (aside from GPU) and it can run more intensive things like a Windows virtual machine or Unity game engine without a problem, so you should be ...
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Faster clock or more cores for best performance of video editing?

Video editing and rendering is mostly multithreaded, so if frequency obviously matters, core & thread count is the most important. That is why GPU can be a good solution too. If you planned to ...
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Need help building budget video editing PC/Laptop in ₹60-70K

For budget, don't go with a laptop unless portability is essential for you. Although the performance gap between laptops and desktops has shrunk with recent CPU and especially GPU series, a laptop ...
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Laptop for light video editing, programming etc

Considering your requirements, I'd recommend Dell's New Inspiron 15 5000 (5567) which goes for about £799 + VAT and delivery. From personal experience, Dell's laptops tend to be decently robust and ...
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Would this PC Build be good enough for my needs?

IMHO AMD is a better bet for your CPU configuration when it comes to video editing, and won't hurt you when you play low and midrange games. This build features better RAM, storage, and GPU power than ...
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