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One DVR device to standardize video surveillance on multiple sites

After some considerations I have decided for HIKVISION platform. I chose that platform over DASHUA mostly because of better support in my country and better firmware upgrade program. Multiple ...
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PCIe 1x cheap video card for image recognition with existing model

TPU is what you need. Coral USB accelerator could be used. They were originally $79.99, but unfortunately availability suffers and its near impossible to find one that that price. One amazon user ...
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HDMI Capture Card with pass through resolution higher than 4K

At that resolution, I think you have to start looking at Professional grade video capture cards. There's a company called BlackMagic Design that is pretty much the standard for these cards and they ...
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Camera and motherboard with Camera Serial Interface

This post explains how the poster created a four-lane board he's selling to double throughput, and also provided a lot of technical background. This seller of Pi cameras may also have useful gear.
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Independent Portable 4K Capture Device that Records a 4K 60fps to SD or MicroSD

The Elgato 4K60S+ seems to check all of your boxes: 4K resolution @ 60fps Portable and Standalone Perfect Pass-Through SD Card slot It also has HDR10 capabilities.
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RGB Analog Video Capture

I've had success using two devices. One which is a self-contained device: Composite, S-Video, and HDMI to HDMI Converter and Switch with HDMI PAL NTSC Support - and the other which is ...
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