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4K Monitor for programming

According to my sources (and I have a detailed answer on SU on the subject, including a handy graph and links to a spreadsheet) - 27" is *pretty" darned close to the sweetspot for PC use. I game on a ...
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32" curved 4K (UHD) monitor with IPS or better viewing angles

I would say that it is better to get an adjustable VESA stand on Amazon, than to actively search out for a monitor with an adjustable stand on it. Hemundu Monitor Stand VIVO Monitor Stand VIVO Tall ...
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24 or 27" UHD/4K monitor for developer. Dell U2718Q?

Ultimately I did buy the Dell U2718Q, when it was on sale. Very happy with it. My laptop and the U2718Q are both capable of 3840x2160, but I'm running them at 2560x1600. U2718Q via the mini display ...
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4K Monitor for programming

I use two Samsung UE590Ds, and would recommend 4k for both programming and games. I run Visual Studio and a large array of steam games. Recommendations Use 30" or 27" /w a close desk setup. I do end ...
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Graphic card which supports 1xUDH and 2xFull HD output

At first, I would recommend you to rethink your Monitor Setup, UHD uses twice as many pixels in height than HD. If you move objects from one screen to another or just look from one to another, you ...
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Scaling problems with 4K / UHD / Retina / 3840x2160 screen

If you are interested in modern stuff, you won't have a problem. Scaling issues only occur with dated software. So, as long as you aren't trying to run Battlefield 1942 you should be able to enjoy ...
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At 24", does a 4k resolution at 60 Hz offer a better "gaming experience" compared to a 1080p resolution at 144 Hz?

The benefit of framerate is not lineary increasing, as your eye does not notice the difference between 60 and 120 Hz as succintly as 30 vs 60 (if at all). Please consult: Can the Average Gamer See ...
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UHD compatible Graphic Card

I'd recommend the GeForce GT 710, a fairly new card aimed at HTPCs as a replacement to integrated graphics. It supports up to 4096x2160 resolution, has a very low profile, and is plenty fast for any ...
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