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Looking for device to keep laptop from sleeping is a tiny toy car which could move on a trackpad, or there are dancing flowers, also light-powered. A ...
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touch screen / terminal / computer for customers

I think your problem is probably more price range than anything else. The touchscreen monitor is the expense, and takes up a large portion of your budget. For instance, this one takes up half your ...
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Looking for device to keep laptop from sleeping

Maybe a completely different solution. Regarding the 'not able to install software' : there is a whole ecosystem of 'Portable Applications'. These are applications that do not require any admin-rights ...
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Is there any electronic device to make an on-screen signature in a PC?

TL;DR: A cheap drawing tablet, probably from Wacom's Intuos or Bamboo linups. (the same company you linked.) Drawing tablets are made exactly for this, of which Wacom is generally considered the ...
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Need a tablet or smart note pad interface for medical physician

A Surface Pro may be good. I cant say I've ever used one myself but they're full Windows 10 so I guess it'd be easier to integrate? Only issue if they're a tad expensive...
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