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Are there any mobile phones that can run desktop Linux?

Purism Librem 5 runs a custom distro developed by the company which made the phone, but you can run it on desktop as well, so I believe it qualifies. As a bonus, recently the open source GPU driver ...
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Affordable cordless SIP wifi phone

Here is a list of all the models I looked through … and there will not be many others, as it's a very small market. So far, nothing that meets the requirements: Mitel 5624. Technically what you want, ...
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Want unified audio hub: PC, laptop, tablet, landline, cellphone, headphones, mic, mixer for telework, vlog, gaming

Take all the different adapters, switches, and mixers you have, and mount them on a platform. Have a local sheet metal shop make a unifying enclosure, probably power-coated, so all the cables are ...
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Affordable cordless SIP wifi phone

Great answer by tanius. I would also add that DECT phones are better suited to voice communications as DECT is a stream / connection based rather than packet based protocols built on top of WiFi. ...
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Voip telephone systems using SIP for home use

Your question is about "kind of device", and for that the answer is any SIP phone. SIP is a protocol/standard and every service or device that comply with these standards are usually compatible. ...
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A VoIP home phone that enables free unlimited calling

I finally found a product that does what I want, the OBi200. It's $50, and it's not a phone, you still need to buy a home phone separately and plug it into it. But you don't need to get a paid VOIP ...
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