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I will first focus on compatability. On the Newegg Page for the MOBO: 1 x ATX 24-pin power connector 1 x ATX 4-pin 12V CPU power connector These are standard ATX PSU Connectors that can be found on every ATX-Compatible Power Supply. However, the power supply that you chose is considered not that good in the PC Building Community. At that same price-point ($...


Your usage should be around 380-390W actually. Technically speaking the 400W PSU should be enough but you'd better have more headroom a PSU of 450W at the least and 550W to be futur proof.


With a 250w psu you won't get far. I think the strongest card you would be able to run is either a Gtx 750 ti, or a RX 460, which will have to be under clocked. Neither of these require an external power cable and pull around 60 watts. Just make sure your power supply can supply enough amps on the 12v rail, and you should be fine.


I suggest the Super Flower Golden Silent PSU, available on It is quite literally silent because it has no fan. Important specifications follow: 0dbm 80+ Gold efficiency rating 430W capacity Part number: SF-430P14FG Has the 4+4 and 20+4 power connectors needed for this motherboard.

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