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PCIe 1x cheap video card for image recognition with existing model

TPU is what you need. Coral USB accelerator could be used. They were originally $79.99, but unfortunately availability suffers and its near impossible to find one that that price. One amazon user ...
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Outdoor, in ground, smart lighting solution

What you are looking for does not yet exist as a product. You should expect to pay much more than that if you want a professional system that works with smarthome devices. This system is very close ...
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Hardwired WiFi Doorbells

The Ring Pro is a hard wired doorbell, much like Nest's product. It retails for around $250. It also does 1080p video and has motion detection capabilities. I assume you already have a hardwired ...
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Smart door lock with logging of mechanical key opening

The Sesame smart lock from Candyhouse allows for bluetooth operation, as many of these products provide, but also allows one to open the deadbolt manually. When the lock is operated manually, from ...
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