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4 votes

Laser rangefinder (laser tape) for indoor - low range but high accuracy

I have a Bosch DLR165, which appears to have been produced around 2010. It's possible that I purchased mine that far back, or from eBay in later years. I found only one in today's eBay listing, but ...
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2 votes

Oscilloscope for pants pocket

If it's acceptable to use a shoephone with it, the Pokit Meter looks handy. It and a phone (Apple iOS 10+, Android OS 5+ (Lollipop)) together would fit in your defined pocketspace, and it meets all ...
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1 vote

Is there a monitor or converter I can use to watch 4 video outputs on one screen?

LG 43UD79 This is a monitor/TV that supports 4 HDMI inputs. It can display a single input or all of them simultaneously. It has multiple layout options and comes with a remote. There is a video where ...
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1 vote

USB DAC with Parametric EQ?

A proper answer this time, since you seemed interested in my comments. If you are up to it, AudioWeaver, the DSP code generation tool is free for ST Microelectronics microcontrollers. How this works,...
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What spectrum analyzer can detect Wireless AD?

Because of its immense bandwidth, I'd like to measure, how much ElectroMagnetic Radiation I am exposed to bandwidth has nothing to do with how much electromagnetic radiation there is! Asked 3 years, ...
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What spectrum analyzer can detect Wireless AD?

It appears to me that SAF Tehnika J0SSAP60 is exactly what you are looking for - It is a has a bandwidth of 56 to 67 GHz, but you would need to get ...
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