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Raspberry pi is an option, but what I prefer is building a desktop pc, because its way faster and upgradable. If you don't need much power, you can get an athlon 3000G, a B450/A520 motherboard, and 8GB of RAM for under €200. Add a cheap ssd, 400W PSU and Ubuntu server (LTS) and your server is done (you dont even need a case, just use the motherboard box). O ...


If you are buying new machines, why not going for AMD CPUs. More cores per dollar ratio. If you insist on going with Intel's platform, I'll highly advice using Xeon W 1x70 series (out in 2021) therefore faster RAM support. PS: For proper DB performance, indexes etc.. Go for proper amount of RAM depending on your database's size.


I haven't used it myself but one I've got my eye on with a view to maybe getting a couple of them in the not too distant future is the Kingdel NC860 Mini Desktop Computer ( They have a range of models but a lot of them are dual-core, so watch out for that. As said, I ...

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