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USB IR Receiver for Mac

Here is the one of the few that is not discontinued: Irdroid USB IrDA Transceiver References Linux - IrDA USB Dongle Howto LIRC - Linux Infrared Remote Control Ftdi Usb Ir Transmitter And Receiver ...
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Remote hard reboot

The specific model's going to dependent on the style of plug you have locally. Depending on your specific needs, there's two options. I've not used either of these personally (but I've been looking ...
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Physical Remote that connects with pc?

You're looking for an "HTPC" (home theater PC) remote, there are many and plenty of them are programmable / have bluetooth / assortment of other features. If you update your post with a budget and ...
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Looking for solution for gaming via remote desktop

First, if you plan on using Windows Remote Desktop you will have the following issues: Input latency may be too high for some games Video streaming quality/compression & latency may be ...
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Remote control light socket

Would 310MHz be acceptable? If so, the well-developed X10 system may be useful. An introduction is available. Lamp socket modules are available.
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Miniature receiver and transmitter for remotely controlled drone/helicopter

This is quite a big question, there are lots of options with various limitations, Simple small options could include this Seeed ARM 433Mhz RF link kit these are just transmitter & receivers they ...
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Looking for USB IR receiver recommendations

I use Flirc USB hardware and software on Ubuntu to control Kodi from my Logitech Harmony remote and have done for many years. It has Kodi profile in it's software so if you have a Logitech ...
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Diesel generator with ethernet connection

Yes, now many modern diesel generators have remote monitoring hardware and software and you can remotely control and monitor them by mobile APP or computer.
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Physical button/momentary switch to trigger a keyboard shortcut in Excel on Windows

On Mac it's called "Switch Control" idk what Windows calls it. It's an accessibility feature for physically impaired users, using different types of switch depending on their incapacity. You ...
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Where can I create and order custom IR remote covers like this?

Maybe ask a shop where they print advertising to stick on windows and vehicles, custom posters, vinyl cutouts, etc. I guess your cover was printed flat and was soft enough to curve over each button of ...
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An opensource alternative to Mavic Mini

That's a tall order. I haven't found anything quite that nice in the open source world, although I've looked. Honestly, you might have to content yourself with missing some of those features or going ...
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Seeking hardware recommendations for switching between Mac laptop and Windows workstation using multi-monitor setup

Question: Do your monitors have multiple inputs? My Acers take HDMI, DVI & VGA. I have plugged my work laptop in on HDMI, personal laptop to DVI. A third antique computer connects to the VGA. ...
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incremental encoder with added joystick functionality

I used "six axis joystick with rotation" as the search terms and came up with an open-source resource from the UNMND web site. It appeals to me because I like to build stuff and this one is very much ...
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A Universal Remote that detects what devices are On or Off

To the best of my knowledge TV remotes use 1 way infra-red signals. Remote systems that plug into your various devices I have no idea how ...
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Remote hard reboot

You can use a raspberry pi or something similar and control a gpio pin of the board remotely. The gpio pin should be attached to an optocoupler ic. With the proper wiring of your button cables to the ...
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Home Computer Remote Control (IPMI)

Well, I'll tell you how I'd solve this problem. Not sure you're going to like it, but it does technically do everything you ask, so long as you have the right setup: *What follows is mostly a ...
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