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USB External Drive fit for constant and heavy usage

The price of SSDs has now dropped sufficiently that there is no longer any real need to have to consider HDs at all. They're bulky, delicate & easy to damage by dropping etc. SSDs are 'unbreakable'...
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Measuring reliability on newer harddrives in usb 3 enclosures

Nearly every enclosure now has a converter board speaking USB on one side and SATA, SATA M2, or NVME M.2 on the other. Most I've seen lately don't pass S.M.A.R.T because that extra logic to translate ...
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1 vote

How to compare low-mid range color laser printers

A review of Brother's MFC-9340CDW specifications, the HP MFP-M477 data sheet, and the HP MFP-M479 data sheet does not show any have the ability to accept input from either a USB-attached or wireless ...
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