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all I need a projector that is like Xiaomi Laser but with Bigger Screen

First of all, I'd like to start by saying that the throw ratio for this projector = 0.133 is very good. If you put a different lens on it, for example that can focus when 70cm away, then your image ...
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Wireless HD projector >2000 Lumen

In order to cover Windows, Android, Mac OS-X, and iOS, you'll need a two part solution. As you've already discovered, Miracast is a wireless display standard. It is effectively HDMI-over-wireless. ...
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Projector for high room

I've read that the projector should be mounted at the same height as the upper edge of the projection screen. This is not true, most modern, respectable projectors will allow you to adjust for angular ...
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Video camera that outputs in HDMI in real time, 60 FPS, at least 720p, with zoom functionality

Given I don't know what to look for, this is my research. your specs of HDMI and 60 fps and at least 720p are pretty low... such that a 10 year old might laugh and say my phone does better... what ...
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Really cheap alternative to a projector? [monocolor]

You've referenced a speed, which is likely not going to be a problem, depending on the driving computer. A Raspberry Pi may not be powerful enough, although the RPi4 seems promising. You've not ...
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HD Projectors 1920x1080 native Resolution 120 inch screen

I finally bought 2 of them http://www.projectorcentral.com/parts_compare.cfm?pid_1=7456&pid_2=7436 Well to be exact, I bought one. And then realize that the second one is better for me. So I ...
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Projector with Build-in Desktop PC

You can more easily solve your problem if you divide it in 2 devices. Get any common projector that solves your presentation needs, but with an HDMI input. With that get an Intel compute stick or a ...
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A wireless projector both for Windows & macOS?

I found a 4200 lumen projector on Amazon.com by EUG: EUG 4200 lumen 1080p wireless It is compatible with a variety of different wireless casting programs including Airplay and Miracast.
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Small projector for watching movies/playing game

This one is under budget, and meets all of your other criteria. Seems like a solid little piece of hardware, I might pick one up... It sounds like your travelling alot. I would consider getting a ...
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