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That device won't work on 3.5" HDD drives because USB-A doesn't have the 12v rail those drives need. USB-C has various ways of delivering higher power, but not USB-A. The solution is an external power supply or something with USB-C with a PD specification.


Although it's hard to determine from the photo, the most likely cause of the issue is mild damage to the PCB at the charger connector. This is not uncommon, because the continual insertion and removal of the cable connector flexes the PCB trace and solder joint. Look also for any tiny break in the trace on the other side of the PCB. You observation that the ...


There is no USB-C splitter come out this year because there is not single produced chipset for USB-C Splitter/Hub. And if your laptop using USB-C for charging input there, the data pin is locked automatically because it was for reading voltage and making it to lock the pin for setting data input or voltage input in charging mode. Explanation in USB-C pin: ...


I would look at Skross products. They they offer a wide choice of country travel adapters: and they seem well aware of the need for grounding. They have adapters designed to support energy-intensive appliance like drillers. Their assortment also includes truly universal (worldwide) adapters for ...

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