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Reading and activate/disable power of specific outlets

The terms you are looking for are outlet switching and outlet metering. Some PDUs do have this feature; many don't. For instance, Eaton PDUs contain six categories: basic, in-line metered, metered ...
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Smart plug to measure AC energy (power) consumption that does not require a hub

Our discussion in the comments caused me to realize that the search terms "smart plug with power monitoring" may provide useful results. The first link that appeared, for an Amazon product ...
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Is there a UPS with open source power maganement software?

There is the fairly well-known free and opensource UPS monitoring tool NUT. It's available from the software repositories of major GNU/Linux and BSD distribution, including the OpenWRT distribution ...
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ATX Power Supply Unit with one/some Always-On Molex Connectors?

Listen, do not fool yourself. Altering the PSU will only add trouble. Why do you need this? Do you just have fun or get what you want? Use WX-DC2412 12V 8A (
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UPS that can supply a lot of power for a short time

You mentioned that the UPS systems you looked at were far too pricey and bulky, so my guess is that it is likely you were looking at production grade systems. Based on the specs you issued, the ...
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Smart Home: controlled power receptacles

This one's pretty easy, really. Pick up the TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug. It was the first device I found when I searched for "smart outlet." It is $25 It is bog standard 2.4ghz wifi It turns stuff ...
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Power on/off 230V power cable from software

I have EnerGenie EG-PM2 and was very fast to install and use on Linux/Ubuntu, steps here: Install sispmctl wget
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With what type of device could I power off/on another USB device programmatically?

At work, in my lab, I am using a programmable USB hub from Acroname ( If you have this attached to your server, you can reach through (...
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