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Wireless Client Bridge and POE PSE in one brick

Since you like Ubiquiti (I love 'em) why not use their "In Wall" WiFi Access Point? What I like about this solution is that it does exactly what you are looking to do all in one box: Wifi Access ...
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What parts make up a cctv installation at home?

Use the NVR. It’s a dedicated piece of equipment that will consume less energy than a windows 10 computer. NVR’s also contain different hard drives that are specifically made for constant writing ...
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16-port 19" rackmount PoE Switch with low noise

Since no one else answered I will give the answer, as in the meantime I choose the "Ubiquiti Unifi 16-150W" switch. It has one (maybe even 2) fans, but they only come on at a certain ...
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Switch that can be powered over Ethernet?

Here is a candidate switch that can be powered entirely over ethernet but I would like to know of more switch options if others would help contribute an answer: NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart ...
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I need a POE switch that can supply four 32w cameras + one 12w camera

Found the hikvision ds-3eo318p-e 240w switch which can do eight 30w ports, but it's expensive. Decided just to plug injectors into the current switch. I started with my router going to a cheap 8-...
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Wireless Client Bridge and POE PSE in one brick ADC-W110 Looks promising. Claims to be 802.3af-compliant.
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Wireless Client Bridge and POE PSE in one brick

Powerline Adapter with PoE Injector (~$60) Update 10/19/2017 A year later, I wholeheartedly recommend a Powerline (aka Homeplug) adapter with POE, rather than a wireless bridge. I still haven't found ...
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