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In terms of monitors that fit the resolution and panel type, here's a filtered list from With respect to anti-glare, there's no filter on for that feature, but you could buy an aftermarket device to prevent glare. It's worth noting that anti-glare filters can have a negative impact on image quality, however, by making the ...


Most likely. If your computer has the MX150 GPU, then definitely. On a Tomsguide forum post, people are running 4k monitors with the same GPU, so yours should handle QHD just fine. Do you have a friend with a 4k TV you could test this with? That would be the best, and cheapest, way to find out.


One option might be that you have Nvidia DSR enabled. to check: open up Nvidia control panel, go to Manage 3d setting and search for DSR-Factors. in your case 2.00x might be enabled

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