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Sound board to replace a GL2200 in a house-of-worship FOH setting?

Broadly-speaking, it would be silly to consider anything other than a digital desk at this point. That said, there will be a learning curve for people that are used to analog desks. I've been ...
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Engineer's headphones for PFL/AFL in a live sound environment?

The digital board you're upgrading to should have individual monitor volumes. If not, I'd say it's a crappy board. That said, not many high-quality/professional-grade monitoring headphones have ...
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Engineer's headphones for PFL/AFL in a live sound environment?

The Sennheiser HD range of headphones is one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market, and can suit a number of different needs. It ranges from the HD 203's I use at home (around £50, 15-19k Hz) ...
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Want unified audio hub: PC, laptop, tablet, landline, cellphone, headphones, mic, mixer for telework, vlog, gaming

Take all the different adapters, switches, and mixers you have, and mount them on a platform. Have a local sheet metal shop make a unifying enclosure, probably power-coated, so all the cables are ...
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Simple audio mixer

My Immediate suggestion would be to look at one of Behringer's XENYX options, the 502, 802 or 1002 . these mixers are 5, 8 and 10 channel respectively and 35, 55 and 57 GBP respectively. the links ...
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